Friends… with benefits? by maimaiimai

A few weeks had passed since Alan had last visited. He sat on the bed with her, again watching TV. She wasn’t sure if what had happened last time was real at all until he began to rub his leg against hers and shift his body so he was closer to her.

“Hey, do you think you could-” he began to say.
“No, that was a one time thing.” she said, cutting him off.

She crossed her arms and sat watching the cartoons. She was still mad at him for using her, and didn’t want him to just think of her as a slut. Although she had to admit, having him want her made her excited, and she felt herself start to get wet thinking about what they had done. He again started rubbing against her and she nudged closer into him. She did miss being touched. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his growing erection, pumping it a few times.

“Come on, Mai. Look at how hard you made me.”
“What? You did that to yourself!” she responded, jumping off the bed.
“…pleeease?” he said, reaching over to grab her hand, tugging it towards his manhood.
“No, seriously,” she said.
“just a little, I swear” he said.
“God, fine.” she said, sitting down and letting him pull her hand down.

She took it in her hand and was surprised by how warm it was. She pumped it lazily for a few seconds. She looked at him and saw his eyes closed, contently enjoying the experience. She spit in her hand, thinking that maybe if it felt good he’d finish sooner.

“Oh baby… thats nice.” he said while reaching down her sweats.
“oooh…” she cooed, feeling herself respond to his touch.

She could feel the tension in her body melting away and realized that maybe he was just a fuck buddy. She had heard a few slutty girls in her ed class talking about being in relationships like that, but she just figured that only bad girls would do that kind of thing. He started to dry out again and her hand felt rough against the soft skin of his cock. She looked down at his cut 6 inches. It wasn’t too big, but then again neither was her mouth. Last time she did it, she thought, so why not again? She let her body stretch out on the bed and put the tip in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. He seemed to enjoy it and even held
her hair back.

“Oh god mai, you’re so hot,” he sighed.
“You like that?” she asked, still somewhat unsure of what she was doing.
“Yeah, its so good.”

She could feel his eyes on her as she went back down, gently lapping at his manhood and feeling it twitch in her mouth when she took the length she could fit in her mouth. He pulled at her top and she let it slide off, her breasts still held in place by her little orange bra. She kept sucking gently and wondered why guys liked it so much… then he gently pulled her away and pushed her shoulders back, laying her down on the bed.

“Are we going to have sex now?” she said, her voice still somewhat innocent.
“heh heh… Its time I reciprocate for how good you make me feel,” he responded.

He stood in front of the bed, pulled his shirt off, then pushed down at his pants and stood naked in front of her. He tugged at her waist and she lifted her butt, letting both her sweats and panties come off in one motion. He played with her feet, making her giggle, when he got them down to the bottom. She reached behind herself and unclasped her bra. Naked now, sprawled on the bed, she could feel the heat rising from her body. He opened her legs and he started kissing her from one foot down towards her pussy. He reached the middle and went back to her other foot, he took her big toe into his mouth and sucked it before making his way down again. She was nervous and wiggled, wondering exactly what he was doing.

“Just relax, close your eyes,” he whispered to her.

She closed her eyes and tensed up, she felt his kisses getting closer and closer to her pussy. Was he going to kiss her there? No one had ever done that before, not even her ex boyfriend, because he said that was dirty. Finally he reached her pussy and licked from bottom to top, getting the outside just as wet as the inside. He flicked his tongue around her clit and she felt a sudden jolt of excitement shoot through her body. He continued this motion for a while, and she felt her juices running down her pussy to the bed.

“Do you like that? You like my hot tongue on your little pussy?” he asked.
“Oh god, yes. Please, don’t stop. Not yet.”

Suddenly she felt something push inside her. He slowly pushed one finger in and out of her pussy, building a rhythm with his licking. She felt a pressure developing inside of her, pushing her toward the edge of a huge orgasm. He pumped faster and added a second finger, and she instinctively pulled her knees up with her hands, giving him full access to her pussy. He looked down and saw her cute little butt, her hole flexed and convulsed as she got closer to an orgasm. Spreading the wetness surrounding her hole he pushed at it with his fingertip, watching it get pushed away and then he aggressively pressed it inside of her ass.

“Ohh!” she gasps, feeling herself full from the front and the back.
“yeah baby, cum for me.”

Hearing his words and knowing what he was doing sent the orgasm ripping through her body. She tightened around his fingers over and over, getting tighter with each convulsion, the power of her squeezing almost pushing him out. She collapsed on the bed, letting the smaller waves lap at her pussy and feeling the convulsions lessen in intensity. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and played with her anus a little more.

“You like my butt?” she asked when she finally regained some of her sense.
“Yeah, its so tight and cute.” he said, still fingering her a little.
“Do you want to put it in there?” she asked him tentatively.

He pulled his finger out of her, and she thought maybe she went too far. He had kissed her and fingered her, but would he think it was gross? But her worries are quickly put away, as he crawled on top of her, his erect manhood pointing straight down at her. He rolled her over on the bed, and pulled her hips back towards himself. She felt him teasing around her pussy, making his manhood wet with her juices. After an eternity of waiting she felt him spit on her anus and he rubbed his head in it.

“Oh god, please… please just put it in” she whispered.
“Yeah baby, oh yeah…” he grinned to himself.

He positioned his head at her little butthole and pushed into her. Her body had given up resisting since the fingering, and his head slowly slipped inside of her. She thought that it felt full when she had a finger in there, now it felt as though her whole body was going to burst. He began to push inside of her, letting the weight of his hips bring him down.

“Oh… oh… go slowly” she said, worried that perhaps he was going to rip something open with his girth.
“Don’t worry baby, I’m gonna take care of you.” he said as he slowly eased himself deeper into her.

As he pushed in, she felt him flexing inside of her periodically until he was fully buried inside. After a few seconds her body stopped tensing up, and she felt herself loosen around him. He began stroking in and out of her, long and steady. He spread the wetness fro her pussy around his shaft to lubricate the action, which helped him get deeper into her. The initial pain and confusion in her body over, she got into a rhythm of bucking her hips backwards, and she started to enjoy the feeling, excited by the fact that he was doing such a naughty thing to her.

“Oh god, you’re so big… oh…” she breathed.
“you’re so tight… so good,” he responded, as he quickened his pace.
“are you going to come? uhhnnn…. come inside me..” she asked, and then realized she wanted him to. To fill her inside her little butt. “Yes, come inside me, come.” she breathed.
“oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming”, she whispered in a mantra. She arched her butt away from the bed.

He dropped his chest down on her back, the animal need to cum overwhelming him as he aggressively slammed his cock into her asshole. She knew he could feel her convulsing and coming, her body gripping tighter and tighter around him and she could feel that it was driving him closer and closer. He moaned and suddenly unloaded his sperm deep in her anus, his hips jerked down into her, and she felt how full she was with his hot cum. His body naturally convulsed a few times after he finished, and he pressed his body down onto hers. A couple of minutes passed and then she pushed his shoulders away from her with back.

“Come on Alan, you’re crushing me.” she laughed.
“oh, sorry, haha. That was just so good,” he said as he propped himself on his shoulders and slid out of her anus.
“ooo… we’ll have to do that again sometime then,” she said coyly.
“Oh really?” he said, almost surprised at her brazen sexual advance.
“Of course, next time you’re gonna bring me dinner, and then you’re gonna have to give me dessert,” she said while pushing him over on the bed and getting up.

She stood unabashed at her nudity and smiled at him and then walked over to the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way in.

“Just let yourself out when you’re ready, but make my bed first,” she said in a light tone.
“Can I take a shower first?” he asked, looking down at his sweat and sex covered body.
“Nu-uh, you’re all sweaty and dirty” she giggled.
“then can I at least use a washcloth?”
“I don’t think thats part of our relationship, hehehe. See you soon, don’t forget the bed.” she said closing the door behind her.

She turned on the water but pressed her cheek against the bathroom door. She could hear ruffling and sounds of clothing being moved. After a while she heard the door open and shut. When she peeked out, her bedsheets are flat again, and even her clothes were folded and put in a nice pile near the bottom.

“ooo…” she said, giggling again. “You’re mine now.”